About Alecs

My face

Erielle Alecs Ganoria is a freelance graphic designer and artist based in Winnipeg, Canada. She specializes in branding and identity, i.e. your logos, and traditional art mediums like graphite, ink, and acrylics.
As a dedication to her craft, she recently decided to further her skills by going in the Digital Media Design program in Red River College. Clients and friends would describe her as a creative mind with a great attention to deatil. Alecs enjoys learning about new medias and techniques and she is constantly evolving her work. She hates smudging graphite drawings and believes that learning to control your drawing stroke's weight is the way to go. She is also an animal lover and currently has three fur babies, Buster, Nova, and Ghost. Catch her at the exchange district with her field sketchbook and ask her about her cats. Promise, she won't run out of things to say.